November 4, 2012

Pretty Pretty Glitter

Just a quick post for now, this is something I threw together the other day I only had like 45 minutes to change my mani, so I went with something simple but pretty.

I recently found the Color Club Wicked Sweet collection (scented like candy, yummy) at marshals, along with some of the Winter Affair collection in duo packs. I got one of those sets not sure of the names though but a pretty glitter, that I'm going to show you below, and a really pretty purple with blue glass flecks or something I dunno, but I had to have it. Although I don't have names for either of the Winter Affair polishes, I tried finding some info but there isn't much.

Lets see the nails...

Base Coat
Opi- Nein Nein Nein Ok fine 3 coats 
Accent Nail 
Color Club- Gimme a Grape Big Kiss 3 coats 
Opi- Pirouette My Whistle 
Color Club- Unknown glitter 
All topped with Seche Vite 

I wasn't sure how strong the scent was going to be, I figured it would be fine since I was only using as an accent. It was actually pretty strong even with just one nail on each hand. I was a little surprised, even after 3 days I can still smell it, fainter than day one but still there. 

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